Happy International Women’s Day 2019! Here’s a wee song…


Happy International Women’s Day 2019! Here’s a wee feminist folk song written by the brilliant Nancy Nicolson, the first person who heard me singing solo Scots song when I was aged 13 and encouraged me to pursue it further. Thank you to the wind by the Falls of Clyde in New Lanark for providing the ‘God’ sound effects…

This song delivers an important message about the importance of gender roles that are portrayed in the media. When I was at nursery, there were pictures on the walls of a male doctor and a female nurse. Because of this, no matter how much my mum tried to persuade me otherwise, I was convinced that all doctors were male and all nurses were female. I even had two female relatives who were doctors, but still I couldn’t be persuaded. This analogy demonstrates the power that the media has to instil ideas about gender. So here’s to all the female doctors, pilots, polis and Gods! Please share this video to spread this important message

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