Uganda – here I come!

So I’m off to Uganda for a month! My exact destination is Tender Talents Magnet School – a music school in Kasangati, 9 miles outside Kampala. It is funded by Musequality, a UK charity which supports music tuition for children in Africa, India and Thailand as a means of improving their lives, as the tuition gives the students a sense of identity and helps them to do better at school and in life in general.

I will be teaching violin at the school. I might also be teaching piano to beginners, teaching music theory, starting an orchestra, helping with the choir and organising a music library for the school. My timetable will be finalised when I get there so that I can judge how much responsibility I want to take on. The students I’ll be teaching are secondary school age.

I am really looking forward to arriving at the school tomorrow lunchtime and getting to know the place, the staff and of course the students. But before that – my first time touching down in Dubai! Lots of new experiences to come in the next month… I am very excited!

Isla 🙂

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