Personalised Music Messages

‘Isla’s talent can bring us all a smile at a time when we need it most.’ – Catherine, client 

Welcome to my Personalised Music Messages service, facilitated by Encore in response to the COVID-19 lockdown. Personalised Music Messages are a gift that you can buy for a friend or family member to celebrate their birthday or anniversary or to cheer them up in isolation. Each video costs £15, and you’re invited to leave a tip after I send you the video.

  1. Fill in this booking form: You can request me to play or sing a specific tune or song for your friend, or I can suggest a tune or song based on the information that you give me about your friend. I’m a Scottish traditional fiddle player and singer, so I can record a fiddle tune or sing a song. I can do split screen recordings, which means that you get both melody and accompaniment in one video.
  2. I will record a video of myself performing the tune/song, along with any message that you’d like me to pass on to your friend.
  3. I will send you a YouTube link for my video, which you can send to your friend.

I look forward to receiving your requests!

‘Isla’s rendition of Danny Boy brought tears to my eyes!’ – Hugh, recipient 
‘That made me so, so happy. Thank you for such a thoughtful gift.’ – Amanda, recipient 
‘Thank you, Isla! You made my birthday extra special by being a part of it!’ – Lynn, recipient 
‘Isla really has been wonderful throughout this process – discussing with me exactly what I wanted, and producing my new favourite version of one of my favourite John Martyn songs. I absolutely love the video, and Isla’s voice, and everything about it. So much work went into this. I’m so impressed by what she’s done. It is completely magical. Do ask Isla to record your special music!’ – Michael, client


Occasion: Birthday
Instruments: 2 fiddles
Tune: ‘Miss Lyall’s’ (Scottish trad.)
Occasion: Graduation
Instruments: Singing, 3 fiddles, piano
Song: ‘May You Never’ by John Martyn
Occasion: Birthday
Instruments: Singing, piano, fiddle
Song: ‘Danny Boy’